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Whether you want to discuss speaking opportunities or learn more about money, Kim has information relating to her speaking topics: The mastery of money, negotiations, or leadership. 

Education for All

Kim is dedicated to financial literacy. She has developed FREE guides, eBooks and checklists on topics frequently asked. Download today to expand your financial acumen. 


Financial Planning Checklist

Financial planning and wealth management can occasionally overwhelm some. In order to have a productive first meeting with an adviser, it helps to have all the necessary documents organized. Use the document checklist to make sure you are prepared for an initial consultation with an adviser. 


Financial Planning Philosophy

Understanding your priorities allows you to create a financial plan that truly works for you. What does success look like? Is it a number or a lifestyle? Relationships or career ambitions? Many have a blended view of financial motivators and life priorities that shape the choices they make. Taking time to illustrate your philosophy helps align your personal priorities with financial decisions.

Fiduciary oath

Hiring a fiduciary is an essential first step in the search for your financial adviser. 9 out of 10 so called “advisers” are in the business of sales– working for a commission, not for you. When initially interviewing advisers, use the Fiduciary Oath as a starting point. If they sign the oath with no hesitation, move forward. If not, it’s time to find a different adviser who is legally responsible to act in your best interests.

New Job Transition

Beginning a new job is exciting and can be nerve-wracking. What can you do to financially prepare?  Get Organized!  Download the workbook to ready yourself before jumping into a new role. The workbook covers: planning for changes to income, retirement benefits planning and other workplace benefits. 

Customized advice

Looking for more hands on help? 

Kim is the President and CEO of an award-winning wealth management firm, Wealth Legacy Institute. If you’re interested in becoming a client, reach out for more information.