Kim Curtis


Kim is the President & CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute in Denver, Colorado. The firm was founded on the philosophy that long-term, collaborative, fiduciary relationships with clients are key to ultimate success.


When you consult a doctor about your health, you expect to get advice based on your circumstances – age, family history, and your specific condition. You should expect similar advice from your financial adviser about how to invest for your retirement – family “financial” history, when you expect to retire, your age and your personal circumstances. But that’s not what usually happens. A financial adviser in most cases is just a salesperson. In fact, almost 90% of financial advisers are in the business of sales. Kim is a fierce advocate of the fiduciary standard, making sure consumers know whether their financial professional is working for them, at all times, in all transactions.


Kim Curtis is an animated storyteller and no-nonsense professional who delivers practical solutions to her audiences. Her Keynotes and Workshops will engage audiences of all ages; her sense of humor and self deprecation makes you feel like you are not alone about your weirdness around money. She has worked with thousands of people sharing powerful strategies that enable you to attain mastery with money. You can have that vibrant, successful life that you desire.

Money…you either use it or it will use you. How you show up with money is often how you show up in life. Money is interwoven directly and indirectly in relationships, fears, failures, loves, struggles, dreams and successes. It has an effect on every aspect of our existence, from meeting basic needs for food and shelter to finding the meaning of life and our spiritual connection.

Imagine your life if you mastered MONEY?

Kim shares her insider’s view and pulls back the curtain to reveal money secrets, so you can:

  • Put money in its proper place
  • Save years of time by avoiding pitfalls
  • Learn the essential shortcuts to develop financial clarity and confidence
  • Live a vibrant, more joyful and abundant life.




It’s time to change the way we think and speak about money. Kim helps you live a better, fuller, richer, more joyful LIFE. Your future is limitless and full of potential and possibilities.

These three simple words, Happiness Doesn’t Retire, inspire and empower people to enjoy the good life. Your stories of joy, vitality and adventure remind us that the little things are often the big things, and that what we focus on expands. Together we can transform the meaning of money and retirement. Join an amazing community of people committed to living a lifetime of fulfillment. Find stories of optimism, inspiration, and hope, while learning and sharing from each other’s experiences.

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Managing Your Money: Three Mistakes You’re Making

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