Retirement Secrets: Keys to Retiring Happy, Healthy, & Free


What will I do now?

Retirement Secrets is a book on how to enjoy life in retirement. The key to achieving an active satisfying retirement involves a great deal more than having adequate resources. Discover how to live a vibrant, ambitious retirement life.

Can I reinvent my life?

Bestselling and award winning author, Kim Curtis, goes past the glutted field of retirement books focused on the finish line—the day you retire—to reinvent how life after retirement is lived, experienced, and understood. It starts with answering:

• What happens after your last day of full-time employment?
• What do you plan on doing the rest of your life?
• What is your next adventure?

Within are the secrets that will bring together all the pieces on how to live a happy, healthy, and free retirement in every aspect of your life—happiness, health, relationships, money.

Are you ready to start?

Retirement Secrets reveals why your retirement becomes the beginning of a new you, a new life.


Expert Reviews

Not only does Kim Curtis’s new book, Retirement Secrets, show you how to prepare to thrive in retirement, it also maps out an approach to living that can enrich your life now! Curtis covers all the bases, caring for your physical, emotional, cognitive, social and financial health. Keep this enjoyable and thorough guide handy as a reference for living your best life—starting now.

Margit Cox Henderson, Ph.D., author of Optimistic Aging, from Midlife to the Good Life and From Hope to Habit: Science-Based Solutions to Live Your Best Intentions

“This book is truly not just another retirement book. Retirement Secrets is about your lifestyle and holistic well-being. Highly recommended.”

Pam Krueger, Founder of Wealthramp and Co-host of MoneyTrack series on PBS

Retirement Secrets is all about how to enjoy the good life.
Kim Curtis’ depth of expertise, humor, and decades-long experience as a Certified Financial Planner® shine through in Retirement Secrets. I love her holistic, pragmatic and values-centric retirement planning approach. This is a fun and important read for anyone nearing or in retirement.

Mary Quist-Newins, CFP®, President and Founder Moneyweave, author of Women and Money, Matters of Trust


Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing


Answering the hard questions 

Kim Curtis’ Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing pulls back the curtain on the financial services industry to reveal why smart people make bad investment mistakes.

Get solid, realistic guidance from one of the top wealth management advisers in the country.

She has money questions for you:

  • Do you want to protect your financial future?  
  • Would you like to financially survive and thrive through the unexpected twists and turns that the economy, your career, or your family members create? 
  • Do you value having an investment strategy that encompasses your highest vision for yourself?

Money Secrets provides a front row seat to what the financial industry doesn’t want you to know about investing, from an insider who believes you deserve the truth.

Listen to an Excerpt of Money Secrets

by Kim Curtis

Expert Review

“An absolute must-read for anyone who is considering firing their present adviser or working with an adviser for the first time. Money Secrets reveals important questions you should be asking an adviser or they should be asking you.”

Paul Merriman, Wall Street Journal MarketWatch contributor

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